To Post, or Not to Post

For many, setting up different social media pages for their company is not the difficult task; the difficult part comes when it is time to actually use them and post content. How often do you post? How long should the post be? What content do you post? When do you find the time to post? There are so many questions when you’re ready to post and we can help answer them!

When it comes to how often you post, Buffer App suggests different amounts for different social media sites. For Twitter they suggest posting 14 times per day but never more than once per hour and only seven times per day on the weekend. When it comes to Facebook, they suggest two times per day, seven days a week. LinkedIn posting is one time per weekday, but no weekends. Google+ is two times per weekday and again no weekends. You don’t necessarily want to post all of your posts around the same time, try to space them out and give your market time to see them without getting flooded.

Lets look at how long posts should be, in terms of your target market and social platform. How would you react to seeing a very long post on Facebook? Would you even take the time to read it? If you’re going to send out a tweet it’s typically best to make it short and sweet. For many business social media sites it’s best to keep your posts easy to digest.

Then there is content. This is sometimes the trickiest part of all. Neil Patel wrote an article on Quick Sprout discussing what he learned about content marketing. Patel mentions that info graphics do extremely well; in fact they get shared 42.4% more than a general blog post. He also mentions that people enjoy reading personal and controversial posts. It’s good to get your consumers involved with what you’re posting, whether it be getting their opinions and feedback or just getting them to click through to your site. Post things that are interesting, get your point across and engage your consumers.

If you’re having problems finding time to post there are a couple of things you can try. It might be a good idea to have a list of topics you can post about so that you aren’t racking your brain every hour trying to think of things to post about. If something spikes your interest that you might want to post about you can write them down or type up your post and save it as a draft. That may even be better if you aren’t completely sure on an idea. You can revisit it later and see how you feel about it and it’s effectiveness.

Social media has become such an important marketing tool to consumers and businesses that it’s not something you can look over doing. It may seem difficult at times but when you break it down and keep a focus, it becomes a habit. You can create a voice for you company in a new, run and engaging way.


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