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Social Media Network Breakdown- Part 2

In our previous post from August 19 (found here) we discussed some popular social media networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, and Twitter. In that post we broke the networks down so it was easy to understand what is what in the social networking universe and what that means for your business.

In this post we will continue this idea with networks Yelp, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram.


YelpThe Wise Neighbor

Yelp is a place for the community to review and advise others on where to take their business. A strong yelp following can bring in many new customers, especially those from out of town who are more likely to take their search for quality business online. Create a page and encourage customers to review their experience. Some businesses even post a sign that says a reviewer could get you a special deal on a product. Keep information up to date and make sure to keep an eye on reviews to improve your business when you need to.



The Map

Foursquare is a place where your customers can check in and shout to all of their friends that they are at YOUR business. Relish in the easy publicity by enticing customers to check in over and over. A deal for checking in 5 times could be enough to bring the customer back with their friends.



The Community Bulletin Board

Pinterest is a place where users can pin pictures and products to different boards so that it is easy to find in the future. An important thing to remember when your building your website is to insert a graphic on each page so it can be easily pinned. As a business Pinterest is best used to share media that is important to you or products that you believe the customer would find interesting.



The Photo Album

Instagram is home to pictures, lots of them. From food and cats to shoes and sunsets all with a beautiful filter to add. How can your business utilize it? Businesses can use Isntagram to initiate contests, show off their products, or just communicate with customers in a new way by showing the human side behind the business.


Using a social media strategy?

It’s not enough to post daily on your businesses Facebook page or to make sure you get out that magic 2-3 tweets each day on your Twitter account.  If you’re crossing your fingers each time you throw up a post, it probably means it’s time to think about a real strategy.  Who is your target audience or demographic?  What do they care about?  What are your sales goals?  Are you generating conversations around your posts or gaining followers regularly?  These are important questions.  Your business needs to take a calculated approach in its social media efforts.  Below are two starter strategy points to work on:

The first and foremost thing to remember is that social media is always a soft sell.   Social media is about building relationships and that’s not going to happen if you are constantly posting/tweeting hard sell messages.  Users get turned off and in turn will turn you off – literally.

Another point to consider when posting is consistency in brand and voice of your business.  You need to make sure that regardless of who is posting, the voice is consistent with your company brand and image.  If your business doesn’t already have one, sit down and come up with a mission and vision statement.  Doesn’t matter what you do, you and your team will always draw from these statements when it comes to upholding your brand promise and how you communicate your brand to others.  Consistency is key.

If you remember nothing else, think relationships.  This is what social media is all about.  If you are working on creating and building relationships with your customers, the rest will shake itself out as you listen, interact and build loyalty for your brand.