Social Media Network Breakdown

Part of the mission of Cinnamon Social is to demystify social media and give users a better understanding of how to use it.  So, without further ado, here’s a brief break down of a few of the most popular networks used by businesses from one of our favorite social media guru’s, Cindy Conger.

FacebookThe Family Room
Facebook is a community where people connect with friends and family members they usually know in real life. It is a place where people share their pictures and their stories. It is also a place where they recommend businesses and products to friends, share community news and pass along both good and bad experiences they have had with businesses. Facebook is not the venue for the hard sell, but is a great place to build a community of brand advocates.

LinkedInThe Chamber of Commerce
LinkedIn is the business hub of the social media world. It was originally thought of as a place to network when people were looking for a job. It has become a much broader space where people share business ideas, network with other professionals and post business news and updates. It is the right social media stream for business-to-business connections.

Google PlusThe New Subdivision
Google+ is the new kid on the block and the social media world is still figuring out how it fits in. We do know that changes in the way Google shares information across platforms and how that impacts search engine rankings means that businesses can’t ignore this new development. It’s important to establish a presence on Google+ but you don’t need to move in and unpack your bags just yet.

YouTubeNetwork TV Before Cable
Remember when there were just three channels on television and the major networks provided all of the content? YouTube is the hub of Internet video content and videos are the most consumed type of content on the Internet. If you have any video content (and you should), it’s got to be in this stream.

twitterA Combination of CNN and the Rotary Club
Twitter is a network where people share information. This is the place to make new connections and share news and updates in real time. Many Twitter users monitor their feed constantly so this is the place to get the word out fast.


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