Social Media Network Breakdown- Part 3


It’s a New Year which means it is time again to check out social apps and how your business can use them. Circle, Marco Polo, and Jelly are fresh on the scene of social media. In the past we’ve compared networks to places and things but this time around we will compare them to other apps.

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Like Twitter, but only local posts

Circle has coined itself as “The Local Network”, a very accurate description. A user can choose to view only posts from friends, news outlets, or a number of other categories like sports or nightlife. A great place to score some local eyes Circle is good for free marketing.


marcopoloMarco Polo
Snapchat and Find my Friends in one

Marco Polo provides users with the ability to Marco their friends, or show them where they are. Users can add pictures or text to posts and choose which friends to share it with. Posts don’t disappear the way they do in Snapchat, which is better for advertising purposes. Businesses could post special offers, pictures of their office, or anything else to their fans.


Yahoo Answers or Google Search as a Social Network

Jelly’s basis is a social network to get questions answered. Walking down the street and see something but aren’t sure what it is? Ask your friends on Jelly! Jelly connects to friends on Facebook and Twitter. Businesses can use Jelly to answer questions about things related to their area of expertise.


There you have it, 3 new Social Media Apps for the New Year. Have you tried any of them out yet? Will you try any of them out? Answer below!


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