Snap Chat Marketing: A Growing Audience

Are you on Snapchat? Marketers across the country are beginning to look to this self-destructing photo application that forces the user to pay attention and moreover pay attention to their message. As a platform, Snapchat has the attention of 15-25 year old’s across the country; therefore, if you are looking to grab the attention of that demographic for at least 10 seconds, look no further!

Since Snapchat is relatively new to the social media world, other brands haven’t “ruined it yet”, journalist Gary Vaynerchuk adds, “The grounds (of Snapchat) are very fertile.” Snapchat unlike Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter has yet to be filled with advertisements for users. It’s a no hassle platform that really allows users to share what they want, for how long they want.

In a web article titled, Snapchat Marketing: What Businesses Need to Know by Michael Stelzner, he mentions that a lot of people think that since Snapchat content disappears, it’s not valuable and he goes on to challenge this idea.

On many social media platforms, viewers scroll through content quickly, and even though the posts will be there forever (on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), viewers will likely not see them again. Marketers in these circumstances are only grasping for approximately 50% of users’ attention at a time and those users never look back. Moreover, users of Snapchat have no choice in looking back (the longest a video or photo can be viewed is 10 seconds) therefore marketers have 100% of their audience’s attention for the length of the content’s life.

Vaynerchuk believes that, “The younger generation gravitates toward Snapchat, because parents have infiltrated Facebook and Instagram,” going on to add that, “Snapchat created a haven that parents have yet to discover for teens.”

While many above the age of 25 aren’t an active demographic of Snapchat, the nature of the application leaves much room for creative and interactive marketing. Snapchat is a social media platform that is personable, real, and stress free. There’s no ability to “like”, no way to know how many friends or followers you have, and no way to compare how many people you are following versus how many are following you. The stresses of other popular social media platforms are removed, so users can truly just enjoy the application.

Currently Snapchat has a feature called, “Our Story,” which is a collection of various snaps from those users at the event in one collective. With this feature users can view other stories from around the world in real time, leading to high levels of engagement. The latest “Our Story” was the Oscars that had a record 27 million views; to put that in context 36.6 million people tuned into the Oscar’s in the U.S via television. This is just one example of the success of “Our Story,” the FIFA World Cup was also equally as popular, along with Oktoberfest and New York’s “Snowmaggedon.”

The vast amount of users tuning into, “Our Story” on Snapchat truly reveals it’s potential as an entertainment broadcasting entity and platform for interactive marketing. It will be interesting to see how brands begin to incorporate Snapchat into campaigns to get users, and moreover potential consumers involved.




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