Posting Fatigue

Are you engaging your social media audience?  What does this equate to?  This is a difficult thing to do and with a decrease in Facebook’s organic reach abilities, businesses are either hitting the mark with posts, or they’re completely failing in their social media efforts.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic solution to this problem.  We do know from experience and trial and error, that when you practice the disciplines of on-brand, consistent, genuine and personable postings, more often than not you hit the mark.  Each and every post isn’t going to resonate with everyone, but if you can reach even a handful, it’s time well spent. Social marketing is relational.  Just like other relationships, important and otherwise, they don’t happen over night.  Maybe your brand will take three months to build up it’s following and others may even take 3 years, but if your walking the walk, it will pay off and many times from the least likely places.  As the saying goes, it’s not a sprint but an endurance race.  Hang in there and keep posting!

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