The Team

Our experienced blend of talent has been working in marketing and development, with a combined 50 years of experience. We know digital marketing and we want to help your business!  They say “content is king,” but we’re here to challenge this and say, how you communicate your content is what’s really important.

 The Team


Holly Petersen, Co-Founder and CEO

Holly has been working in digital marketing, operations, consumer affairs, public relations, risk management, copy writing and has been an entrepreneur for over four years.

“I’ve traveled around the world and a key observation that’s been consistent is that the one thing which seems to bind us all together, regardless of age, race or religion is our common need to be in relationship with others.”




Jason Petersen, Co-founder and CIO

Jason has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years in digital marketing, with a foundation in creative and a passion for technology. Jason has pioneered his own CMS before the term CMS even existed and thrives on the metrics behind combining digital marketing with traditional marketing efforts.

“We’ve seen time and time again that’s it’s not just about having good content, but about combining good content with old school relationships that brings success in digital marketing.”




Jim Photo

Jim Babcock, Technical Co-Founder

James has been working in information technology for over 30 years.  His knowledge and practice in technology comes through in his keen understanding of cloud computing, agile software development, enterprise level technology and architecture best practices to name just a few areas he’s passionate about and excels in.  James is a tremendous mind behind the secret spice of Cinnamon Social’s key algorithm development.