Meet Devin Joyce

10612538_10201641981011064_3286898120915864941_n-1We’re excited to have two new writers on staff.  The first we’re introducing today is Devin Joyce!   Learn more about Devin below in our Q&A session with her.

  • Where are you from?

A. Omaha, Nebraska

  • Who is your favorite celebrity? 

A. Michael Kors or Jackie Kennedy, if they count as celebs, more or less icons in my opinion! 

  • If you could meet anyone – past, present, future – who would it be?

A. Jackie Kennedy, hands down. She just emulates style, grace, and sophistication for a woman. 

  • What is your favorite social media platform? 

A. Twitter, it’s quick, simple, and to the point- allows for easy sharing with a minimum amount of text. Great for sharing links to outside websites and photos. 

  • What retail store would you like to go on a crazy spending spree in? 

A. Louis Vuitton, I am a huge fan of classic and timeless brands, Louis Vuitton is one that has lasted over several decades and will essentially never go out of “style”. Timeless pieces are worth investing in! 

  • What is a hidden talent you have that most people have no idea about? 

A. I love canoeing! Although I love to be dressed up and partake in “girly” things, I love being out in nature, whether that’s hiking, biking, or canoeing. Any chance I get I am out on the lake enjoying the weather and getting exercise in a fun way. 

  • What is one thing about digital marketing you find intriguing? 

A. One thing I find really interesting about digital marketing is the interaction between the consumer/investor and the company. Really prior to social media, there wasn’t a open line of communication between the two. Digital marketing and the use of social platforms really allow the consumer/investor to feel valued and a part of the company, which is awesome and in my opinion allows a great opportunity for the company to grow with consumer involvement, feedback, and opinions! 

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