Married at Work

Business and home life are separate worlds for most people. That is, for most people. A little known fact about our own CEO and CIO, Holly and Jason Peterson, are that they are married, have two human children, a dog child, as well as being co-founders of not one but two companies.


Holly and Jason met online just a few years ago. Since then their lives have expanded and changed in hundreds of ways but noticeably in the size of their family. In 2010 they were blessed with their daughter and in 2011 they were blessed again this time with a boy. How do they manage a busy home life and two companies while keeping their sanity? We sat down with them for a little home front advice. Here are their Top 5 Tips for being married entrepreneurs, with Holly’s advice in black and Jason’s additions in brown

Top 5 Tips for being Married Entrepreneurs:

1.Inevitably there will be business talk at home. Limit it to a 10 minute recap/discussion at home or off hours.
I couldn’t agree more!

2. Never talk business on date night. Ever.
On that note make sure you go on dates, period! Kids and owning companies can be overwhelming. Remember your spouse is a top priority.

3. Family time means absolutely no e-mails, texting, or anything else related to business.
That’s right, put the iPhone and tablet down. Work can wait, family can’t.

4. Make your business work for your spouse/family not the other way around. Remember what is important and what can wait.
It can get slippery. Remembering to make the business work for you and not having your children work around the business it what keeps the priorities straight.

5. Have a personal lunch date once a week with your spouse where business is not discussed.

Jason wanted to add that “You and your spouse set the tone at home and at work. Don’t forget that. You’re leaders in both areas so always strive to set a good example. Have fun! Make work a place that is enjoyable to be at. Make home a fun place to be at. It’s your role to insure that everything runs smoothly!


Well there you have it! Holly and Jason’s advice for couples who work together. Have any other questions? Want to learn more about them? This is the first in a series of blogs about the family we have at work and home. Comment your questions, ideas, or advice that has saved your relationships at home and work below.




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