Making Your Social Media More Dynamic

More and more businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs are utilizing social media as a way to network with their consumers. Yet, how do you stand out against competitors? In a world of information overload, you have to get pretty creative when it comes to social media to not only grab the attention of users, but to also keep it! Below are a few tips, derived from various social media-marketing specialists, to help make your social media sites more dynamic.

To begin, be sure to share your content more than once. For many they are hesitant about sharing content more than once, in fear that consumers will pick up on redundancy. Sharing your content more than once is to drive more traffic to that initial share. Whether it’s reposting a link to your latest blog post, or following up to a recently posted photo on Twitter, sharing content a few times will allow for more traffic, reaching people in different time zones, and even sharing content with new followers or friends.

Next, utilize free analytics systems to see how well you are performing, such as Google Analytics or Buffer. Being aware of the different levels of engagement on your social media site will assist in the decision making process of when to post, what to post, and even what tone of voice best captures the attention of your audience.

Be sure to reframe your content to suit your audience. If content will be posted more than once, make sure that you’re slightly reframing the original content (so you’re not repeating yourself), but also pay attention to what best grabs the attention of your audience. Posting several times a day will do you no good if the target audience isn’t interested in the messages/information being sent out.

Finding the optimal time during the day to post truly is key to the success of your social media pages. Avoid posting during the early morning (prior to 9am) and late in the evening (after 7pm), keeping in mind the demographic of your target audience. If you are looking to grab the attention of working mothers, 3pm when she is picking the children up from school may not be the best time to post.

Lastly, be involved with other social media users! Be sure to retweet or reply back to consumers that mention you (in a timely manner), this will not only make the consumer feel valued, but also allow for additional visibility on your networks.

Using these quick tips in addition to several other media marketing strategies, you are sure to make your social media page more dynamic in no time!

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