LinkedIn Profile Tips, Part 2

LinkedInIf you’re like most, you’re struggling with how much detail to include on your personal and/or business LinkedIn profiles.  Below you find some additional tips on how to manage the detail, and what to include in your profiles and what’s okay to opt out of.

Your Personal Page
In order to create a company profile, a personal profile has to exist and then link up to a business page. You are a brand ambassador for your company, so it’s important that your page is filled out just as well as your company page. To do this, we recommend including the following:

  • Fill out a complete list of your previous careers, activities, and education.
  • Bullet point responsibilities and services you can provide. Be specific whenever possible.
  • Add a summary of your skills in addition to the blue boxes.
  • Ask for recommendations whenever possible.
  • Include organizations or groups you are a member of.
  • Add links to your social media sites.
  • Include every method that someone could use to contact you or your business. This includes your website, phone number, email, social media sites, and address.
  • Increase connections. Connect with: friends, family, current customers, previous customers, former classmates, active community members, your target audience, brand advocates

Your Company Profile

  • Provide a company overview that describes the mission statement and the beliefs of your company.
  • Include an extensive list of services provided. Bullet them, as it makes it easier to read.
  • Try to get recommendations whenever possible.
  • Add your logo as the profile picture so your page will be easily recognizable.
  • Have your employees add your business on their personal profile page and link to the business page.
  • Encourage employees, family, and friends to follow your company on LinkedIn.
  • Provide all methods of contact for your business. This includes phone, address, email, and fax.
  • Include all company related links to social media sites and the company website.
  • After you create a business page, put the LinkedIn icon on your website and connect it to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Do some cross-marketing by talking about your LinkedIn page on your Facebook page and so forth.  




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