LinkedIn Profile Tips, Part 1

LinkedInLinkedIn is the business-to-business hub of the social media world. Why have a company profile?  LinkedIn is often viewed as a valuable social media site for businesses. According to Mashable, there are 2 million companies on LinkedIn with more signing on each day. Even though users aren’t as active as those on Facebook or Twitter, it’s important to have a presence on this professional social media site for several reasons.

  • It’s an outlet. On LinkedIn you can share your company’s information such as mission statement, products and services sold, specialties, and contact information.
  • A place for bragging rights. Your company can share recent accomplishments, new clients, when you will be speaking at events or conferences, and recent hires.
  • A place to gain followers. Providing links to your blog, website, Facebook profile, Twitter or Pinterest accounts can increase followers. This will also show that your business is tech savvy and interested in customer relationships.
  • Showcase your knowledge. Tons of professional organizations are on LinkedIn. They are likely ones you already have knowledge of or even belong to. By joining them on LinkedIn you can participate in industry discussions. By showing your expertise you can build your reputation in the industry.
  • Expand your network. LinkedIn is a place where you can make professional connections, scout for new employees, find potential investors, and maybe gain new business. It is also a way to monitor your competition and watch for new trends.

Even though it’s important to have a presence on LinkedIn, it isn’t essential to create daily posts. This is a social platform, used for professional networking, research and to display credibility. We highly recommend taking the time to create a company account if you haven’t already done so. It’s imperative that you keep it up-to-date so that it’s a good representation of your company.



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