Instagram: Could it be your business’s next social media outlet?

InstagramInstagram, launched in 2010, has grown to be one of the top social media outlets today. In just four, short years Instagram grew to over 300 million active monthly users. Currently there are over 30 billion photos shared monthly and 2.5 billion likes on pictures each day – talk about a social media site exploding! With a total of 20 filters, the ability to post up to 15 second long videos and sponsored advertisement opportunities, Instagram is becoming a very impressive and versatile social media network. So, is this something your business should look into? If so, how will you use it effectively?

Top social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more should be examined and reexamined by businesses to see how they can use them to their advantage, even if they may not be useful at first glance. Digital marketing is crucial to businesses in the current media age; if you leave your business out of the social media world you are creating an extreme disadvantage for your company.

The Instagram community, according to Instagram Business, is “passionate about the platform and their love for amazing imagery.” The design of the site gives each post the advantage of filling up the entire screen so when your business posts something you can rest assured that the viewer won’t be having any other “in-site clutter.” Instagram can also give a big boost to business site visits. Take Mercedes-Benz for example, they had a 580% lift in site visits when using Facebook and Instagram ads together. So, should your business look into creating a company Instagram account? We think so!

If you decide to create an account on Instagram for your business, how will it help you? Instagram, like Twitter and Facebook, is hash tag friendly. Using hashtags is an awesome way to get your posts seen on any social media platform that allows their use. Also, through one of the twenty filters you can add to pictures and videos along with regular editing settings, you are able to create a very flattering and attention-grabbing post. Adding links and tags to pictures and video is another important way to give access to your business site to users. With the exploration updates Instagram has added recently, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to search for specific businesses. Each time someone posts a picture or video they have the opportunity to tag someone either in the post itself or in the caption. If your business is tagged in a post not only are followers of the person posting seeing your business name but also then consumers can go to an option on your business’ profile and see what pictures have been tagged. Instagram is certainly catching onto the fact that consumers and business are starting to use the app and they are trying to make accessibility easier. Don’t limit yourself to posting pictures of products or services, either. You can add pictures and video of company involvement within the community and other fun team activities and overall what is important to your business and team. Instagram can be a great way to enhance your brand image and give your company a new voice – it may be time to take advantage!


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