Hello Ello

As promised, this is our first social media review blog and we’re going to start with a little known social media site, that seems to have sprung onto the social scene with recent changes to Facebook.  Ello is in beta and and invitation-only phase of release, but you can request an invitation through their home page, https://ello.co/beta-public-profiles.  Good luck!  It seems that an “in” is ultimately required to sign up for a free profile.

How does Ello shape up compared to some of the more prominent feeds out there?  Kind of bland.  Ello touts the simplicity of design, which equates to elegance and simplicity and yes, it is clean.  Is it interesting?  It depends on a users taste.  The platform is rich in imagery and artistic flare, but Tumblr and Facebook it is not.  Current users seem to be struggling with how to use it and the purpose of it, similar to the failure to launch retrospect of Google+.

How is Ello different and why does it exist?  If you read the Ello Manifesto,  https://ello.co/wtf/post/manifesto and the About section, Ello founders are quite vocal about user privacy and no advertising.  So, if these things are a profound concern for you, it might be worth obtaining a coveted invitation from the feed.  Is Ello a major player in social media?  Not at this time.

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