Tasty Content

cinnamonPost_icon_circle copyOkay, so what is tasty content?  You may just be struggling with the mere idea of getting into social media and that’s okay.  Cinnamon Social and specifically, Cinnamon Post is here to help with these content basics.  Let’s look at some key elements of tasty content.

  • We can help, but you’re on your own when it comes to quality products and your brand.  This is extremely important – whatever that product or cause may be.  Maybe, you are the product and the brand.  You can kill your audience with great, consistent content, but if you have sub-par service, products etc. no one will care.
  • Now we talk strategy.  Don’t panic!  You, too can have a strategy, even as a basic level.  Strategy usually consists of some basic elements such as, target audience, an idea of where that audience likes to frolic in social media, how they communicate and what they truly care about.  You need to know how to reach people with your product and what what problem it is that you’re solving for them or how you’re making their lives better.  If you don’t know these things, take a step back and go back to square one until you can answer these questions.
  • Believe in yourself and what you’re doing.  If you don’t, that will translate into your brand, products and communications – including your content.  Social media is about building relationships and trust. Eventually, if not immediately people can sniff out the guy selling the snake oil.  Don’t let it be you.
  • Quality, consistent and personalized content cannot be stressed enough.  The amount of content available and circulating through the web seems like it’s insurmountable and to some degree it is, if you don’t set your standards high.  Talk about what matters to you and your brand.  If you are truly solving problems for people and making lives easier, you’ll get attention.  Cinnamon Post can bring and present quality content to your finger tips, but you need to have the final say on what goes out and what your audience is responding to.
  • Which leads into the next point.  Communicate with your users!  If they care enough to Comment, Share, Like etc. care enough to appreciate them back and interact.  Who knows, you may just organically build your audience, build brand advocacy, build awareness, learn something new and have fun in the process.
  • Finally, be realistic.  You’re not going to garner overnight fame and fortune for your brand when you first get started.  This is about relationships and good relationships usually take time, but they are worth the TLC that’s required, right?  This is also true as you venture into social media.  As more and more brands are competing for your same audience, and many have been at it for some time now, put your best foot forward.  Show them what is unique, quality and why you care.  Date your followers.  Take the time to build their trust and be authentic.  Being realistic also means that you may have to spend some calculated money on promoting through Facebook or creating a Google AdWord or perhaps it’s a nicely timed press release or promotion.  The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to do this.

Cinnamon Post can help.  Have more questions?  We’d love to chat with you more about it.  You can do it.  With Cinnamon Post, you’ve got this social media thing.