Cinnamon Post

Why Cinnamon Post? We know that it’s not enough for a business to know their market or even have the strategies in place to reach their target demographic. Quality content, in combination with strategy is key. Cinnamon Post is the solution. Based on some key profile questions, we combine industry specific content, with personal content about you and your business and most importantly, in your business’s Voice.

What is Voice? Voice is a combination of key elements that make up your brand and why customers come to you. Brand is what you look like, how you communicate with customers and the secret spice of what you offer and do the best over your competition. Cinnamon Post takes all of these elements into consideration when we provide your social media posting recommendations. After all, social media is all about relationships and we want to help spice up your digital content to meet your audience in the most convenient, effective and personal way.

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