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Welcome to The Toaster!  This is our blog area where you can come for industry expertise and awesome conversation about digital marketing and how best to reach and build your customer relationships.  We’re here to help and we want to be part of the solution that demystifies all that is digital marketing.

“Exciting” Content… - We’ll do a little bumming off of an existing article here today and that’s simply because the conversation here is well thought out and takes the guess work out of a super common content question, that we receive, too.  It addresses the age old question of what is exciting content, highly consumable for readers. The […]
All About Twitter -   Twitter? Do you use it? Should you use it? Today’s blog post is focusing on Twitter and what it takes to have a great profile. What is it? Twitter is a social network that has grown in popularity in the few years. Twitter gives you the opportunity to share updates quickly and efficiently, and […]
Best Game Apps - It’s nearing Christmas. Presumably any free time you have is being spent shopping or sitting by your tree with a glass of egg nog. Need a game to look at while you stand in line? We’ve compiled a list of some of our (current) favorite games.   Candy Crush Saga Created by Limited, Candy […]
Creating a Community - Social Media has spread worldwide. One of the reasons it is so popular is the feeling it gives people. Being able to communicate how your day was and what interests you as well as comment on others interests creates a worldwide community. What does this mean for your brand? Well, if you haven’t utilized your […]
Diversify Your Marketing - Are you in the process of revamping your company’s brand image? While you’re coming up with an incredible campaign to launch, it is important to keep the diversity of your marketing in mind. Diverse marketing does not mean reaching different cultures in your marketing, well not necessarily anyway. The concept of diversity marketing simply means […]
Have You Posted Today? - Consistency is key.  Good, quality social media content is the first part.  To build momentum in the marketplace and to impact your user and bottom line numbers, you need to have follow through in your social media strategy, especially as a small business that relies heavily on the sweat equity of social media marketing efforts. […]
Hello Ello - As promised, this is our first social media review blog and we’re going to start with a little known social media site, that seems to have sprung onto the social scene with recent changes to Facebook.  Ello is in beta and and invitation-only phase of release, but you can request an invitation through their home page, […]
Instagram: Could it be your business’s next social media outlet? - Instagram, launched in 2010, has grown to be one of the top social media outlets today. In just four, short years Instagram grew to over 300 million active monthly users. Currently there are over 30 billion photos shared monthly and 2.5 billion likes on pictures each day – talk about a social media site exploding! […]
Is your social media obnoxious? - We all have social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, this and that and the other. We all know that annoying person on these sites. Falls for every scam, re-posts obviously fake things, and generally makes your timeline or news feed look clunky and obnoxious. Maybe you are that person. This week’s post is dedicated to […]
Knowing Your Target Audience - Trying to dig deeper in your social media efforts?  It’s important to know your audience and target  demographic. Not all generations are created equal when it comes to speaking and language.  Some things to consider when reaching out to your target audience include slang, relevant topics to your specific audience, time of the day you […]
Layers of Engagement - More than ever, businesses are looking to engage their customers. With the advent of social media, engagement has taken on a whole new meaning. In fact, we, at Cinnamon Social would argue that it’s even more intimate now and personal then it has been over the past twenty years. Why? Let’s dig a little deeper. […]
Learning From Apple Marketing - Smart watches, health monitors, pedometers, activity trackers, and virtual reality headsets, are all part of the emerging landscape of wearable technology, which all promise to change the way we complete day to day tasks, such as exercising and communicating. According to a web article titled “Best Wearable Tech of 2015” discusses which are the […]
LinkedIn Profile Tips, Part 1 - LinkedIn is the business-to-business hub of the social media world. Why have a company profile?  LinkedIn is often viewed as a valuable social media site for businesses. According to Mashable, there are 2 million companies on LinkedIn with more signing on each day. Even though users aren’t as active as those on Facebook or Twitter, […]
LinkedIn Profile Tips, Part 2 - If you’re like most, you’re struggling with how much detail to include on your personal and/or business LinkedIn profiles.  Below you find some additional tips on how to manage the detail, and what to include in your profiles and what’s okay to opt out of. Your Personal Page In order to create a company profile, […]
Making Your Social Media More Dynamic - More and more businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs are utilizing social media as a way to network with their consumers. Yet, how do you stand out against competitors? In a world of information overload, you have to get pretty creative when it comes to social media to not only grab the attention of users, but to […]
Married at Work - Business and home life are separate worlds for most people. That is, for most people. A little known fact about our own CEO and CIO, Holly and Jason Peterson, are that they are married, have two human children, a dog child, as well as being co-founders of not one but two companies. Holly and Jason […]
Meet Brooke Ray - Brooke is out latest staff writer for Cinnamon Social.  Find out more about Brooke below… Where are you from? Chatham, Illinois- suburb of Springfield, IL What’s your favorite social media platform? Currently my favorite social media platform is Instagram. For how quick and simple it is, there is so much you can do with it! […]
Meet Devin Joyce - We’re excited to have two new writers on staff.  The first we’re introducing today is Devin Joyce!   Learn more about Devin below in our Q&A session with her. Where are you from? A. Omaha, Nebraska Who is your favorite celebrity?  A. Michael Kors or Jackie Kennedy, if they count as celebs, more or less […]
Posting Fatigue - Are you engaging your social media audience?  What does this equate to?  This is a difficult thing to do and with a decrease in Facebook’s organic reach abilities, businesses are either hitting the mark with posts, or they’re completely failing in their social media efforts.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic solution to this problem.  We do […]
Showcase: What-Would-I-Say - Today we are showcasing a new web app called What would I say. Existing since, well, a few days ago this website has already received internet fame. The app takes all of your past Facebook statuses and combines them into a new status that in some cases sound just like you. Here are some examples, […]
Snap Chat Marketing: A Growing Audience - Are you on Snapchat? Marketers across the country are beginning to look to this self-destructing photo application that forces the user to pay attention and moreover pay attention to their message. As a platform, Snapchat has the attention of 15-25 year old’s across the country; therefore, if you are looking to grab the attention of […]
Social Media Network Breakdown - Part of the mission of Cinnamon Social is to demystify social media and give users a better understanding of how to use it.  So, without further ado, here’s a brief break down of a few of the most popular networks used by businesses from one of our favorite social media guru’s, Cindy Conger. The Family […]
Social Media Network Breakdown- Part 2 - In our previous post from August 19 (found here) we discussed some popular social media networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, and Twitter. In that post we broke the networks down so it was easy to understand what is what in the social networking universe and what that means for your business. In this post we […]
Social Media Network Breakdown- Part 3 - It’s a New Year which means it is time again to check out social apps and how your business can use them. Circle, Marco Polo, and Jelly are fresh on the scene of social media. In the past we’ve compared networks to places and things but this time around we will compare them to other […]
The 5 Types of Thanksgiving Posts - In honor of Thanksgiving here are the 5 types of posts you can expect to see from your friends and family (maybe even yourself) this Thanksgiving: 1. The Food Post Whether it’s a picture of their turkey and mashed potatoes or a pumpkin pie with too much whipped cream you can expect to see that […]
To Post, or Not to Post - For many, setting up different social media pages for their company is not the difficult task; the difficult part comes when it is time to actually use them and post content. How often do you post? How long should the post be? What content do you post? When do you find the time to post? […]
Using a social media strategy? - It’s not enough to post daily on your businesses Facebook page or to make sure you get out that magic 2-3 tweets each day on your Twitter account.  If you’re crossing your fingers each time you throw up a post, it probably means it’s time to think about a real strategy.  Who is your target […]
What’s the deal with hash tags? - If you haven’t already ventured into the world of Twitter and tweeting, that’s okay.  Twitter isn’t always the best platform to use for some businesses.  If you’ve determined that it is and you’re ready to go, here are some things to think about when using Twitter – including hash tags. So, what is Twitter?  Twitter […]