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It’s nearing Christmas. Presumably any free time you have is being spent shopping or sitting by your tree with a glass of egg nog. Need a game to look at while you stand in line? We’ve compiled a list of some of our (current) favorite games.


candycrushsagaCandy Crush Saga

Created by Limited, Candy Crush Saga has reached increased popularity with all generations. The object of the game is to create matches in a similar fashion to the game Bejeweled. Sharing on Facebook can get you more lives to continue your saga through over 400 levels. This game is Free.



One of the all-time bestselling games, Tetris, needs no additional explanation of how awesome it is. The Electronic Arts version for iPhone costs $0.99. Additional to original Tetris this version includes One-Touch and Tetris Galaxy a new multi-level game based on Tetris where you try to clear the blocks in as few moves as possible.


wheresmywaterWhere’s My Water?

A new app by Disney this game comes in both a free and pay for version, with the pay for version costing $1.99. The basis of this game is to swipe a path for the water to give Swampy a bath. The free version only has 15 puzzles to challenge yourself but with the paid app you can enjoy over 500 puzzles!


minesweeperMinesweeper Q

This version of the classic PC game Minesweeper is created by Spica. We’ve tried a few different versions with this one being our favorite. This app offers the best customization opportunities and works flawlessly. The free version does have Ads, but they aren’t intrusive to the game. If you were or are a fan of Minesweeper this is the app to download!



Created by Plain Vanilla Corp this free app is a trivia game that can be played with friends, family, or anyone all over the world. Categories range from book subjects like Harry Potter, to cars, football, or biology. Once a category is picked the user can choose to challenge a friend or click Play Now! and start a game with someone who could be anywhere in the world. Each used is given a question and 10 seconds to answer it, the faster you answer the more points you get. A fun way to test your knowledge and prove you know more about Boy Bands than your sister, this game gets a thumbs up from us!


wordswithfriendsWords With Friends

Zynga Inc.’s interpretation of the beloved crossword boardgame Scrabble this game has become a staple in many of our folders. You’ll have to upgrade and pay $4.99 if you want to skip the Ads but this game packs plenty of fun for free if you don’t mind.


matchingwithfriendsMatching With Friends

Another free game from Zynga Inc. this puzzle game involves matching 3 or more blocks that are the same color to collect as many points as possible. The Ads can be inconvenient and time consuming on the free version but the upgraded version is only $1.99.


solitaiteblitzSolitaire Blitz

A new version of solitaire created by PopCap this version of the game is similar in game play to the card game Speed. Much like the game you try and clear your cards as quickly as possible by stacking the cards up or down based on the face value. Each round lasts 60 seconds, and the game packs plenty of fun extras and special features that make this Free game extra awesome.



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