Is your social media obnoxious?

We all have social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, this and that and the other.

We all know that annoying person on these sites. Falls for every scam, re-posts obviously fake things, and generally makes your timeline or news feed look clunky and obnoxious. Maybe you are that person. This week’s post is dedicated to these people and what to avoid when you’re thinking of sharing something.

Tips to avoid being an annoying spammer:

1. Be suspicious of everything!
The safest assumption is that every link you’re sent is a bad link. Look at the other tips to help identify the realness.

2. Study the link
Is the link from a legitimate source? There are a few different ways to tell. Hover your mouse over the hyperlink to see where it plans to take you. Can you identify the domain? Is everything in the link spelled correctly? With the rise of shortened links, especially on Twitter, this becomes nearly impossible to do so decide if you trust the person or business posting the link.

3. Watch for obvious grammar and spelling errors
This is a number one thing to look at for avoiding scams in all facets of life. Watch for too many of a letter or sentences that are nonsensical.

4. Never enter your password
As a rule of thumb never enter your password after clicking a link. It’s safe to assume someone is phishing for your password to hack into your account.

5. When in doubt, Google it
Another rule of thumb. If you ever question the validity of something just google it! There are many resources that check for scams constantly.


What are your tips for avoiding being the annoying spammer? Comment below!




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