Learning From Apple Marketing

Smart watches, health monitors, pedometers, activity trackers, and virtual reality headsets, are all part of the emerging landscape of wearable technology, which all promise to change the way we complete day to day tasks, such as exercising and communicating. According to a web article titled “Best Wearable Tech of 2015” CNET.com discusses which are the most user friendly, best priced, and down right cool gadgets to wear, based on a ranking of five stars. From Pebble Steel to the Fitbit there are many wearables that are that are being ranked highly by consumers. Yet, there’s one wearable that “techies” around the world just can’t wait for.

Apple Watch.

On February 26, 2015 Apple announced its highly anticipated Apple Watch Event, which is occurring on March 9th. The company has been slowly releasing information to the media regarding their first wearable. The event’s tagline is “Spring Forward”, an obvious reference to both time and their watch.

The Apple Watch will start at $350 for the aluminum Sport model, but the company has remained rather quiet on the pricing for both the regular version and the luxurious Apple Watch Edition. CEO Time Cook previously shared that the devices will ship out at some point in April to stores across the country. The Apple Watch will be the first landmark product since Steve Jobs introduced the original iPad in 2010, so in other words Apple lovers have been ready for something new!

Yet, there’s something to be said about Apple’s simplistic, yet astonishingly effective marketing strategies. There are very few companies across the world that have thousands of customers lined up for hours at the break of day waiting to get their hands on the newest product. Apple is much more than their products, they are a design firm, a media platform, a publishing company, a software powerhouse, a computer builder, and moreover a movement.

Apple successfully turns the ordinary into something beautiful, focusing on the details that matter to consumers. From the smooth edge-to-edge glass on the iPhone, Mac, and iPad to the placement of speakers, Apple’s designs go above and beyond to create the polished look that consumers are looking for and moreover expect from the company.

Apple justifies the price of their products, with style. Apple completely ignores the prices their competitors offer, and often price their products over 2x as much as competitors, without even blinking. How? By offering features and benefits that can’t be matched, yet some critics will note that some features are the same as other products on the market, but truthfully Apple has such strong brand loyalty, people are willing to pay the extra money to have an Apple product.

One word, unboxing. I did a quick search of “Unboxing of iPhone” on YouTube and over 2,200,000 results were found, and this is just for the iPhone! No one tells Apple consumers to record their unboxing experience, but it says something when the customers are sharing their experiences with the world. They are proud to have an Apple product and are joining in on an online community of Apple users. Apple does this by ensuring that the experience doesn’t end at the cash register or online check out online. They take great care in designing a user experience from browsing online to unwrapping. Which is an experience that is nearly impossible to match.

Finally, Apple has successfully become the name. The iPhone wasn’t the first phone, but Apple has engineered it to be so unique that you couldn’t help but to think that it was. Apple products have become the standard. When you go to the store you don’t buy a tablet, you buy an iPad, you don’t buy an MP3 player, you buy an iPod, and finally you don’t buy a smart phone, you buy an iPhone. Apple isn’t and will never be content with leading sales for technology; they want to own the market. From here on out, everything within the realm of technology will be compared to Apple products.

It will be interesting to see just how many will be waiting in line for the Apple Watch, and moreover how quickly other wearables will be compared to the Apple Watch.


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