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Twitter? Do you use it? Should you use it? Today’s blog post is focusing on Twitter and what it takes to have a great profile.

What is it?

Twitter is a social network that has grown in popularity in the few years. Twitter gives you the opportunity to share updates quickly and efficiently, and catch up with others. As a business Twitter gives you the opportunity to share in your customers experiences and provide instant customer service, something today’s market is definitely looking for.

How do you use it?

The first step is simply to set up a profile. This can be done quickly just by going to and entering the information it asked for. Keep in mind some things while you create your profile:

1. Your handle should be easy to find. For example ours here at Cinnamon Social is @cinnamonsocial.

2. Your avatar should be your logo. That way when individuals are looking you up they know it’s the company they’re looking for.

3. Your “About Me” area has to be concise, but should feature enough information about your company that someone who looks at your profile will know what you’re about. Additionally it is key to have a link to your company website and a location on your profile.

4. A cover photo and background photo are important. Take the extra time to create these images. our own profile looks something like this:



Once your profile is set up all you need to do is tweet! Updates should involve new and noteworthy things that involve your own business or a related one. Ideas are a plenty if you search around the internet, or just wait for Cinnamon Social to launch and we can do it for you.

Why should you use it?

Twitter has been around for a few years now, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The amount of people on the network are only increasing daily. Twitter is the opportunity of a lifetime for any business, and given the right time and energy could be the thing your social media strategy is missing.

Want to learn more? is a great resource for all your social media questions. Here are 3 posts that might tell you even more about Twitter:

Twitter Misconceptions by Courtney Hunt

Twitter Tips by Patricia Wilson

Optimizing your Twitter Profile by Melissa Leiter

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